Henry VIII’s Wives: History in an Hour

The reign of Henry VIII was one of the most revolutionary periods in English History.  The King’s obsessive search for true-love and intense desire for a male heir led to England’s break from the rule of Catholicism and the complete Reformation of the Church. ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived’ – This popular rhyme that many use to remember the fate of the six wives of Henry VIII shows us just that; their final destiny.

Although many rulers of the time married only for political reasons, Henry wanted an ideal we still crave today; a truly loving matrimony.  His quest for this improbable perfection changed him from a fun-loving prince into a belligerent tyrant.

The women he tried to squash to fit this perfect mould differed vastly.  First came the devoutly Catholic and devoted Catherine of Aragon, then the tantalising, volatile, Reforming Protestant Anne Boleyn.  She in turn was ousted by the gentle and submissive touch of Jane Seymour. After her death, Henry made his only attempt at a wholly political alliance by choosing Anne of Cleves and he even tried to turn that into a romantic story.  He went on to allow his heart free rein in the rule of his head in selecting the party-loving teenage tease, Katherine Howard before finally settling for the intelligent and independent Catherine Parr.  This book, in an hour, will introduce you to these six entirely diverse and captivating personalities and the events that propelled them to their individual fate.

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  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Divorcing Catherine to Marry Anne
  • Anne’s Fall From Favour
  • Jane Seymour
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Katherine Howard
  • Catherine Parr

Reader Reviews:

“This book helped enormously, learning about the wives I did not know much about. Concise, not too much of a commitment, easy to read and recall, I loved the book, loved the subject matter, and loved the learning experience.” From review on Mrs Christine.

“Julie Wheeler has managed to compress history and still make it very interesting. Her book is a good starting point for a study of Henry VIII’s wives.”

“I am fairly well read on this era but I still thoroughly enjoyed this quick read. I’d recommend this as a really good starting point for anyone interested in Henry VIII’s wives and/or Tudor history in general. I really enjoyed Julie Wheeler’s version of Anne of Cleves; some of the books I’ve read or listened to have not been so kind to her. There are pictures of paintings scattered throughout, which are particularly good for an ebook and the one of Anne of Cleves is one of my favourites and very flattering. Well written and concise there is a lot of history compressed into this little book.”

“Straight talking. Many historical books baffle you by jumping decades and then reverting back – this book is a credit to the author – very interesting. I have learnt more from this book than reading several others on the same subject.”

“Loved it! Excellently written. Wish there were more books on English kings and queens like this one. Should be read in schools as part of history education.”

“I learnt so much about Henry VIII’s wives without all the waffle. This book is concise and to the point. Highly recommended!

“I discovered the life and history of Henry and his six wives, as if it was a fiction, with great characters and amazing stories. It is fun, easy to read and you learn a lot! I would recommend it!”

“Ms. Wheeler does an excellent job of leaving the reader wanting more. By making complex history simple, readable, and enjoyable you are soon drawn in. This is an excellent read and has me keen to venture further into the lives of Henry’s wives!”

“As someone who finds it difficult to read large volumes, I found this perfect for giving me a quick overview of this topic. An interesting read and once started I wanted to finish it which I did within the hour! As someone who enjoys history I’m sure I will download the other books in this series.”

“I enjoyed reading this short hour long book, I was interested in the background of his wife’s after watching the video series of the Tudors. I would definitely recommend this book.”

Loved this book. A great way to spend an hour. Certainly not a boring history book, very interesting indeed. Plentiful with information.”

“I was never interested [in Tudor history] at school, but this was a really good read. Will be getting some family members to have a good go at this.”

Well written book that goes into a bit more detail about the wives. Well worth the read.”

“I have to say this book is pretty good! I’m fascinated with the Tudor Era and have read a lot about Henry VIII and his wives… and this book is a good intro to the story. It’s accurate and touches on the politics of the day, which is no mean feat. Did I manage to read this in an hour? Yes, I think I did. Its a nice handy into to the era, and I’ll look out for the others in the series.”

Excellent reading and researched well. Took a little longer than an hour to read but still enjoyable. Highly recommend it.”

“I found this an entertaining read and gave a short description of the lives of all of the king’s wives. Good as a short intro to the wives of Henry.”

“A very interesting read and a good starting point for anyone interested in Henry the VIII and his wives. Covers the relevant facts without getting bogged down with too many dates and names. Ideal for a long train or plane journey.”

“I love history and the tudor period and I am always on the look out for a new authors. This ebook is a great read, full of facts, well researched and concise. Because I don’t always get as much time as would I like to feed my addiction for historical facts, this book was perfect for me. I loved the way the facts were presented in such a way that I really felt the people come alive. Cannot wait for more!!”

“It was a very concise history of that period and amazingly easy to read and absorb in one hour. I will now read the other recommended history in an hour books.”

“This was very informative and interesting. Also a very quick read. Highly recommend!! Very enjoyable and entertaining. Can’t wait to read more history in an hour!”

“This was a quick read, but very well put together. It really only took about an hour to read because the book stated facts in a concise manner. Easy to follow and interesting.”

“It’s short but to the point and gives the facts you need. As it says it’s good for an hour’s read and brilliant if you want the basics.”

“What a thrilling and concise read. Well written and had all the facts to hand. Perfect for someone like myself and sufficient references to allow further research.”

“Absolutely true to its title – a full history in one hour which told me everything I never learnt at school.”

Enjoyable and concise review of the lives of the wives of Henry VIII, easy to read and informative and great value.”

“Very informative and well written. A very good read in a short amount of time. Fantastic.”

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