Nazi Germany: History in an Hour

“And so it had all come to this. Did all this happen only so that a gang of wretched criminals could lay hands on the fatherland? Hatred grew in me, hatred for those responsible for this deed.”

The words are those of Adolf Hitler; the deed – Germany’s surrender in the First World War, and the wretched criminals – the politicians who had meekly accepted the surrender and the defeat of Germany.

Read about Hitler’s experience as a soldier during World War One, the Nazi Party’s climb to power, the elimination of opponents and the Weimar constitution.

Learn about life in Nazi Germany, for women, the family, the Jews, and the use of state control, propaganda and security. See how Hitler manipulated foreign policy to achieve his aims, and how he brought the world into war.

This, in an hour, is Nazi Germany…

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  • The German Revolution – The End of the Second Reich
  • The Weimar Republic – A republic is born
  • The Treaty of Versailles“An armistice for twenty years.”
  • DAP: Member 555
  • NSDAP: Nationalism and socialism under one roof
  • Adolf Hitler – the Corporal
  • The Nazi manifesto – A thousand years
  • The Munich Putsch“The national revolution has begun”
  • Mein Kampf – “Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.”
  • The Ruhr – An economic downturn
  • The Great Depression – The Crash
  • Nazi elections: “He can lick stamps with my head on them.” 
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor – “A God-given signal.”
  • The Enabling Act“Fanatics, hooligans and eccentrics have got the upper hand.”
  • The first anti-Jew laws: ‘Non-citizens.’
  • Night of the Long Knives: “The Fuhrer’s soldierly decision and exemplary courage.”
  • The Fuhrer – 99% approval
  • Nazi Germany and the economy – “Guns will make us strong; butter will make us fat.”
  • State control – Guilty before innocent
  • The family: “I detest women who dabble in politics.”
  • Propaganda: “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” 
  • The 1936 Olympics
  • The Jews – Judenfrei.
  • Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass
  • Foreign policy – “Germany will of its own accord never break the peace.”
  • The Rhineland – “We have no territorial claims to make in Europe.”
  • The Spanish Civil War – “Germany’s destiny for good or bad.”
  • Anschluss: “I can strongly recommend the Gestapo to one and all.”
  • The Sudetenland: “The last major problem to be solved.”
  • Czechoslovakia – “That senile old rascal.”
  • Poland – Guaranteed 
  • The eve of war
  • Germany’s War 1939 – “This country is at war with Germany.”
  • Germany’s War 1940 to 1941
  • Germany’s War 1942 to 1945
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“So what can you lean in an hour about Nazi Germany on your iPhone? Quite a bit, actually.” Suite 101 review of Nazi Germany In An Hour
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“I bought this book to help me understand key aspects of the Nazis Rise to and Consolidation of their power. This was to help with my GCSE exam next month and it offers in depth details and interesting pictures to help understand what was occurring politically in World War One, the aftermath and the Second World War. At such a low price it is a must buy for anybody studying history or anyone remotely interested in it! And yes they only do take about an hour to read, so perfect for a long journey or some reading before bed! Thank you HIAH and Rupert Colley!”

Really good read and compliments other books in the history in an hour series. The book provides a very high level historical account that makes interesting reading”

Well written, quality history in an hour!”

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“Appearance: This app has a nice appearance with a textbook kind of icon because of the faded brown color that matches well with the app itself.  User Interface: This app has some pretty smooth controls with no crashes and easy to navigate.  Organization: Everything is put in chronological order and in neat folders. Very handy when you want to continue reading from where you left off.  Information: Contains a ton of detailed information on Nazi Germany. This app covers a huge time span of how the Nazis took over and what they did afterwards. Some key people were listed also. A timeline and lots of pictures are also included.  Overall: Very informative and has some nice information. Good for anyone to read for fun or doing research. If you get this app (which I highly recommend) also check out Adolf Hitler in an Hour since these two apps are like salt and pepper. Well worth getting and will be sure to give lots of info!”

A very good, concise account of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany and The Third Reich.”

“A great addition to my iBook shelf, concise and to the point covering all the major themes of Nazi Europe. Gives the reader the info they need to begin deeper research. 5 star!

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Really good if you’re looking for some info of Nazi Germany history. Sparked my interest after playing too much Nazi zombies. Good amount of pics with some descent sized info.”

“I don’t often read books but this is a subject I wanted to know more about and it was a very interesting and straight to the point description of major events leading up to WW2. I am now very much looking forward to reading the next in the series by this author.”

“Another interesting book by this author. Really good. Thank you!”

“I read this book in little over an hour. It was an informative, moving read, where I learnt quite a lot of things I never knew. It was detailed enough to give me a fair understanding of the Nazis and Hitler, enough to hold a decent conversation about. I would recommend others read this, and learn about the horrific way in which Jews and other minority groups were treated.”

“A very clear timeline summary of this crucial period in history. Recommended for those who need an organized, interesting summary of the period.”

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