World War Two: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Read a succinct history of World War Two in just one hour.

World War Two was one of the most devastating conflicts the world has ever seen. Between 1939 and 1945 almost every country in the world was affected by the war in some way.

World War Two: History in an Hour neatly covers all the major facts and events giving you a clear and straightforward overview of the politics involved, the violence that ensued and how it changed the world in unimaginable ways. World War Two: History in an Hour is engagingly written and accessible for all history lovers.

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Germany’s Invasion of Poland – “This is how I deal with any European city”
The Soviet-Finnish War – “The Winter War”
The Norweigan Campaign – “Missed the bus.”
The Fall of France – “France has lost a battle but France has not lost the war.”
The Mediterranean“One moment on a battlefield is worth a thousand years of peace.”
North Africa: “A great general.”
Germany’s Invasion of the Soviet Union“The whole rotten structure will come crashing down.”
War in the Far East“Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”
The Battles of Stalingrad and KurskThe New Field-Marshal.
The Holocaust“The man with an iron heart.” 
The Battle of the Atlantic“The U-boat peril”
Italy Falls“You are the most hated man in Italy.”
The Bomber Offensive“My name is Meyer.”
The Normandy InvasionsD-Day.
France Free“Liberated by her own people.”
Approach from the East“The good will all be dead.”
The End of War in EuropeThe Death of a Corporal.
The End of the War in Japan“Complete and utter destruction.”


Reader reviews:

“This is an excellent quick read for those Americans of a younger age that got sex ed courses in high school instead of World and American History. Hopefully it will increase their interest and self-education will result.”

“Very good, quick revision: This is an excellent overview for anyone who wants a summary of key events into which they can slot all the details they might have learned previously. 

It strikes a good balance between creating a coherent narrative but still including surprisingly comprehensive information for such a short recording.

 It’s also a very fair price. 

More of these ‘history in an hour’ productions would be very welcome!” Audio review.

“For those who wish to brush up on history, this book is great for that. This book allows the reader to discover important facts and the key players involved in the war.”

“This book is very concise and a very well written for a book on the whole of WW2. Almost all other books I came across relentlessly launched me into ridiculous amounts of banal detail which I found both unnecessary and uninteresting. This book invariably sticks to interesting facts and for all its succinctness; manages to relay the story in an engaging way with clear language in paragraphs and sentences and devoid of rare/defunct lexicon. It truly is a brilliant introduction to World War Two and became more & more engrossing as I read through.”

“This very short history of the Second World War lives up to its name, cramming an overview of the key events of six years of conflict into a handy one-sitting primer. It also provides a timeline and biographies of key participants in two useful appendices. The style is very readable throughout, and the liberal use of brief, snappy quotations ensures that it never becomes dry. (If you vaguely remember half a dozen Churchillian bon mots, but don’t know what they refer to, this will set you straight.) An excellent introduction to a fascinating subject.”

“The final installment in this World War Two trilogy of titles is a solid and, once again, informative one that manages to translate an extremely complicated and broad topic into a very accessible tool.”

A good read about World War Two that I found didn’t get bogged down in minute detail. For me it gave just enough facts about the events and the decision makers involved to give me the overview of who, why and where relating to the major events of the conflict. Worth reading again.”

“I lived the “great” war, in the US Navy, and this little book brought back lots of memories, but it was most useful to me to help me fit my experience into the whole picture as presented in this book.”

“As with the other books of this series, this is a brilliant concise and quick summary of the key events of the second world war”

Fascinating factual listen. Helps you understand the sequence of events during the period of the second world war.” (Audio review)

“If like me you were not taught the WW2 period of history at school and gleaned most of your info from films, tv, etc. then this is a great summary account of all the main campaigns and events that span the war years 1939 to 1945. There are also overviews of the main characters of the war, Hitler, Churchill, etc. towards the end of the ebook. All in all, a very inexpensive way to become acquainted with the WW2 in a quick easy-access manner.”

“Read just after the Nazi history one. Good history, well written.”

“I found this a very easy-reading introduction to WW2. I already knew a lot of this but it also had detail in it that was new to me. Read in conjunction with ‘Hitler – a history in an hour‘”

“I read a lot about world war ii but the problem is that there are too many events to know the timeline. This title is good to grab the history of world war two in just a few minutes. Clear and very good.”

“Easy to read, informative and well worth the money.”

“Does what it says on the cover!! Plenty of information and facts.”

Brilliant short insight to WW2, categorised from start to finish, also information on individual persons, ie Montgomery and Hitler. Also key battles explained, ie Operation Market Garden and D-Day, etc., straight to the point. Plenty of photography also described. I’ll be buying more of these “In An Hour” ebooks. I’ve already purchased the history of the Cold War!”

“This is a great read. I learnt a lot.”

“I am in my twenties and up to now knew a very patchy version of how WW2 came about, progressed and ended. I now have a very good overview of events as they unfolded.”

This is a great book! It has made me eager to learn more about WWII”

Very interesting and very informational!!!”