American Slavery: History in an Hour

History for busy people. History in an Hour presents a concise and uncompromising look at the American slave trade, and the huge role African-American slaves played in building ‘The Land of the Free.’

From the first slaves arriving in Jamestown in 1619, the cotton fields in the Southern States and shipbuilding in New England, to the slaves who laid down their lives in war so that Americans could be free, American Slavery in an Hour covers the breadth of the subject without sacrificing important historical and cultural details.

An important and dark time in Black – and American – history, American Slavery in an Hour will explain the key facts and give you a clear overview of this much discussed period of history, as well as its legacy in modern America.

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  • The New World
  • The Middle Passage – the Atlantic Slave Trade
  • The Human Cargo
  • Welcome to the New World
  • Non-Existent Rights
  • The Abolitionists
  • The Concept of Freedom
  • The Educated Slave
  • The Beginning of the End
  • North vs. South
  • “Manifest Destiny”
  • Uncle Tom
  • John Brown
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Secession
  • The American Civil War
  • The End of Slavery in the US
Readers’ reviews:

“Lots of fantastic facts on slavery crammed onto a delightful book. Would recommend this for anyone interested in the history of slavery.”

“A clear and concise explanation of the origins of the American Civil War and the beginnings and end of slavery, as well as introducing key figures in both American and African-American history. Well worth reading.”

“Quick overview with all the key points. Details influencing people who allowed the slave trade to continue for so long and who fought for its abolishment. Another good read in this series of ‘history in an hour’.”

“The books in this series I really like as I am usually short of time, but feel they provide a quick but thorough briefing on a historical topic of interest. They are well written and get staight to the point. They give me the feeling (illusion?) that I keeping myself informed. This book on slavery is harrowing but absolutely fascinating too.”