Ancient Egypt: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Ancient Egypt in an Hour is a fascinating and concise account of ancient Egyptian history.

The history and mystery of ancient Egypt stirs our imagination and stimulates our desire to understand more about the most influential civilisation of the pre-Christian era. It was a period during which the Egyptians preserved their dead in decorated tombs and built magnificent monuments, while other nascent cultures still dressed in skins and lived in rudimentary dwellings.

The Egyptians believed in strange animal-headed gods; they mummified their dead in preparation for their journey into the afterlife; they built imposing and enduring stone structures using only Bronze Age tools and their country remained virtually inviolate, unconquered and unchanged for over more than three millennia.

Where did they come from? How did they achieve and maintain a cohesive cultural identity over all that time? What secrets have already been discovered by archaeologists and what revelations might still be waiting to be found hidden in the desert sands of Egypt? Finally, what legacy did they leave to us as we enter the third millennium AD?

This, in an hour, is Ancient Egypt.

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  • Ancient Egyptian Civilisation
  • The Old Kingdom
  • The Ancient Religion
  • First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom
  • Hieroglyphs and Writing and the Second Intermediate Period
  • Mummification
  • The New Kingdom
  • Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period
  • The Hellenistic Period
  • The Legacy of Ancient Egypt

Reader reviews:

Excellent and concise summary of ancient Egypt. Perfect introduction for anyone contemplating a trip to the archeological sights in Egypt. Well worth the money and though I am not an Egyptologist, content was consistent with what I learned from a qualified Egyptologist in Egypt. Easy, quick read. Wish there were more books like this.”

“I read this book also on my way to Egypt for a Nile Cruise and while actually on the cruise. It really helped keep me to keep my Pharaohs straight which enhanced my enjoyment of our guide’s explanations. Definitely recommend it if you’re heading to the Nile or are simply interested in Egyptology.”

Loved this little book! Great for older kids and homework as well as adults who just want the facts!! Highly recommend.”

“Found this very interesting. Easy to read and understand. The sort of reference book you can go back and re-read at a later date.”

Very good for people who just want the facts very interesting. An informative good read I found it a good book and helpful for my archaeology class.”

“Easy to read. Great book. Recommended!”