Hitler: History in an Hour

What made a failed Austrian artist into the most reviled and destructive personality of the Twentieth Century? Where did the seeds of his rabid anti-Semitism lie? How did a marginalised loner become such a moving force in Germany? How could a nation have fallen for such a maverick? What made him so determined to bring about war?

Read about Hitler as a boy and his relationship with his overbearing father, and about Hitler as a daydreaming drop-out in Vienna and Munich. Read about his routines, obsessions, his ideas and idiosyncrasies, and about the women in his life. Learn about Hitler’s experiences as a soldier during the First World War, and about Hitler as an employee of a Soviet Republic.

Read about how Hitler entered politics and slowly manipulated politicians and civilians; and outmanoeuvred leaders and nations through bullying, diplomacy, charm and lies to achieve complete power leading ultimately to the bloodiest war in history.

Learn about his final days within the oppressive cauldron of his bunker as the Third Reich crumbled around him and, with his health deteriorating, his ultimate, dramatic demise.

This, in an hour, is the story of Adolf Hitler.

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  • Hitler the Boy
  • Hitler the Youth
  • Hitler the Drop-out
  • Hitler the Soldier
  • Hitler the Agitator
  • Hitler the Revolutionary
  • Hitler the Martyr
  • Hitler the Politician
  • Hitler the Leader
  • Hitler the Diplomat
  • Hitler the Warlord
  • Hitler the Man:
  •     Hitler’s Women
  •     Hitler’s Health
  • Hitler the Anti-Semite
  • Hitler the End

Reader reviews:
“Again a well written factual book that offers great insight in an easy to digest way. It offers information yet encourages further reading. It covers Hitler’s birth, death and everything in-between.”

“Does exactly what it says on the tin. Interesting, informative and concise and well worth the purchase price to improve your general knowledge.”

Good stuff. A great audio book for 60 minutes while taking a run.”

“A high level and interesting story of Hitler’s life. Excellent introduction for the novice reader who does not want a PHD in the subject.”

“Appearance: This app has a nice appearance with a textbook kind of icon because of the faded brown color that matches well with the app itself.  User Interface: This app has some pretty smooth controls with no crashes and easy to navigate.  Organization: Everything is put in chronological order and in neat folders. Very handy when you want to continue reading from where you left off.  Information: Probably the most informative app on Hitler in the appstore. Contains a HUGE amount of information ranging from how he became who he was to his personal life and health. I can almost guarantee that you will learn something new from this app. A variety of pictures are included to provide a better visual in learning.  Overall: Excellent informative app that is great for leisure reading or a source for writing a research paper. This app lets you truly understand the man that has impacted history and caused the Holocaust. If you are getting this app (which I highly recommend) be sure to also pick up Nazi Germany in an Hour because these two apps go hand in hand. Well worth getting and I can assure that you will enjoy this app!”

This well-crafted app is perfect for those searching for a brief, compelling introduction or companion guide to the man behind the world’s most brutal war in history.”

This is excellent for a thorough account of Hitler the man and his activities during WW2. Read in conjunction with others in the series it gives a comprehensive overview of the whole period.”

“This particular book about Hitler gives you a broad overview of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Rupert Colley has written an excellent introduction to one of the most despised tyrants of the 20th century.”

Fantastic 1-hour read! I very much enjoy historic books, but I find myself reading way into the early morning… 

The author gave enough information to keep the reader interested. The one surprise I really liked was at the end when you are given a literal breakdown of people of the book & a historical outline. 

Highly recommend this book.”

“Approx 60 million people died in world war two. 6 million jewish civilians were tortured and murdered. This is a must read for an insight into who Hiltler was, how he formed his beliefs and how he controlled a population. Just right for an introduction to this subject. Although saying that I’ve been reading on this subject for 20 years now and I still enjoyed this ‘introduction’. Read this alongside ‘world war two history in an hour’ also.”

Excellent book, easy to read. For someone who tends to ignore history books due to the wordy and lengthy nature, this books holds the readers attention. After reading this book it has inspired me to read many more of the ‘history in an hour’ books.”

Good detail and facts, fascinating to see how certain events enabled him to have the power he gained.”

“Short and to the point covering all the details needed! Good to get a background of his prominent points in history.”