The Cold War: History in an Hour

History for busy people. The Cold War: History in an Hour gives a brilliant overview of the unusual and non-violent war between East and West that lasted nearly fifty years.

From the end of World War Two to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 the world lived within the shadow of the Cold War. Russia and America eyed each other with suspicion and hostility. World War Two was too recent to be forgotten and a nuclear Third World War remained a distinct possibility. Post-war Europe was being rebuilt and Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt had to find a way to work together for peace.

The Cold War: History in an Hour will help you understand the dynamics of the politics of the time and how Europe and the rest of the world rebuilt themselves after World War Two.

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  • The End of the Second World War: Apocalypse  
  • The Beginning of the Cold War: The Freeze 
  • Three Speeches: “An iron curtain has descended.” 
  • The Marshall Plan“Communism cannot be stopped in Europe” 
  • Berlin: “You cannot abandon this city and this people” 
  • The Bomb “MAD.” 
  • The Korean War: Hot War 
  • American anti-communism‘Reds Under the Bed.’ 
  • Stalin’s Final Years: “I’m finished, I don’t even trust myself.” 
  • Khrushchev: “Different roads to socialism.” 
  • Space Wars: ‘Flopnik’ 
  • The Berlin Wall: “Berlin is the testicles of the West.” 
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis: “We’ll all meet together in Hell.” 
  • The Vietnam War: Unwinnable 
  • Rebellion: 1968 
  • Nixon: ‘Vietnamization’ 
  • China, America and the Soviet Union: ‘Ping-pong diplomacy.’ 
  • The Decline of Detente: ‘Lennonism, not Leninism.
  • Afghanistan: ‘The Soviet Vietnam.’
  • The Polish Pope and Solidarity: “The last nails in the coffin of communism.”
  • The Ex-Actor: “Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root.” 
  • Gorbachev“Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” 
  • 1989: “Time to yield power.”
  • The End of the USSR: “The threat of a world war is no more.”

Reader reviews:

“This book is a good overview of the Cold War… this is a good book and if you are looking to simply get an overview of the Cold War, this book is perfect.”

This audiobook is amazing. Everyone should listen to The Cold War: History in an Hour, genuinely good for revision. Been listening to it all day :)” (Audio review)

“This is a great way to get a foundational knowledge of the Cold War. Considering how long the conflict was and the numerous events that took place, this is an excellent, convenient, and informational read.” (From a professor)

“Very well done, more than worth the $2.95. Concise and entertaining. Loved it.” (Audio review)

“If anyone’s doing history A2 and has an iPhone/iPod touch, download the app ‘the cold war in an hour‘ it’s pretty damn goooooood!

“For those that know the subjects well, it’s probably too fundamental. For simpletons like me, it is brilliant. Split into two parts, the first covers the story in detail – in this case, from the appearance of Stalin to the introduction of Yeltsin, via the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the rise and fall of multiple presidents and prime ministers. The second half is the appendix, with a quick overview of the main characters involved in the subject, and then a great timeline for just the key facts in the order they happened. I really, really enjoyed reading it, learnt quite a lot, and am keen to pick up more of these books. The tagline “history for busy people” fits me perfectly, and with each book only about £1, there’s no excuse not to brush up on some more topics.”

“This is a great way to get a foundational knowledge of the Cold War. Considering how long the conflict was and the numerous events that took place, this is an excellent, convenient, and informational read.”

“A great refresher on what I half remembered from a-levels – nice to have pictures to look at on the new Kindle too. Would recommend.”

“Brilliant, well thought out introduction to the Cold War. If you find massive history books a little intimidating then this is a perfect solution.”

“Read this in about an hour and sure enough I now feel as if I have an idea of what the Cold War was about. Good writing too – you read one bit and want to read the next. Excellent stuff!”

“I really enjoyed this. I looked at some other apps out there on the cold war but plumped for this one. (One competitor wanted me to pay for a collection of wikipedia pages – I don’t think so). I liked the writing style – very readable and accessible. Layout was clear and the ebook flows in a logical, easy-to-follow manner. By the time my train journey was over I genuinely felt more knowledgeable. Good stuff, I look forward to other titles coming out.”

“Does what it says – provides a concise overview of the Cold War that can be read in an hour.”

“Stuck at Gatwick and wanted something to read while I waited. Now (at 31 years) I have a better understanding of the Cold War which I never did before. Brilliant idea, and so many other areas that could be condensed into an hour’s read.”

“Cold War in an hour is an amazing app #historygcse”

“I really enjoyed this informative snapshot of the Cold War. As a complete novice to this subject, it has definitely inspired me to find out more.”