Dickens: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Read a succinct account of Charles Dickens in just one hour.

Charles Dickens remains – 202 years after his birth – arguably Britain’s most successful writer. Works such as Great Expectations and Oliver Twist have amused and inspired readers in all languages since their original publication in the nineteenth century, and have been adapted countless times for the stage and screen.

DICKENS: HISTORY IN AN HOUR by Kaye Jones covers all the major facts and events surrounding Dickens’s life; the poverty of his childhood, his experience in Warren’s Blacking Factory, the evolution of his novels, his tours around America and Europe and his sometimes scandalous private life. DICKENS: HISTORY IN AN HOUR tells you everything you need to know about Charles Dickens in just one hour.

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  • Birth and Early Years
  • London
  • Miss Maria Beadnell
  • ‘Boz’
  • The Early Novels
  • The 1840s
  • Dickens in America
  • Dickens in Europe
  • Dickens the Philanthropist
  • Return to Journalism
  • Dickens the Reformer
  • Dickens’ Private Life
  • Dickens the Public Reader
  • Staplehurst
  • The Legacy of Charles Dickens

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