The Queen: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Read a succinct account of the life and reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in just one hour.

Elizabeth II is the longest lived and, after Queen Victoria, second longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. From her coronation in 1953 to her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Queen Elizabeth II has stood on the world stage as the figurehead for Britain.

THE QUEEN: HISTORY IN AN HOUR by Sinead Fitzgibbon tells the story of the Queen Elizabeth II’s life and long reign, her royal duties, service during the Second World War, public perception and the transformation of the British Empire into the Commonwealth of Nations under her rule. Essential reading for Royalists and Republicans alike.

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  • Prologue
  • The House of Windsor
  • An Uncommon Marriage
  • The Birth of a Princess
  • An Idyllic Childhood
  • The Death of ‘Grandpa England’
  • Abdication: The Year of the Three Kings
  • A Change of Address
  • The Coronation of George VI
  • A Queen in Training
  • Love at Third Sight?
  • The Wartime Windsors
  • A Secret Engagement
  • A Royal Wedding
  • The Final Farewell
  • A Mournful Homecoming
  • A Rocky Start
  • Long Live the Queen!
  • Another Troublesome Love Affair
  • Settling into a Routine
  • An Expanding Family
  • Changing Attitudes
  • Triumph and Tragedy
  • A Fairytale Princess?
  • ‘Annus Horribilis’
  • Monarchy in Crisis
  • Elder Stateswoman

Readers’ reviews:

“Telling the story of the Queen in an hour is a challenge but this book is well written and does what it says on the tin, which is refreshing. If you are sick of the nauseating gush of the Jubilee celebrations and want to (briefly) know more of the real story of this remarkable woman, this is the kindle book for you. The sisterly tensions, the at times difficult marriage, the errant children and their (deeply) flawed spouses, is real life in full view of the world and far more compelling than any “reality” TV show. I shed a tear at various points and came away even more impressed with HMQ, and the sheer force of will and self discipline it has taken, against all the odds, to keep the House of Windsor (or Saxe Coburg-Gotha ) and the monarchy alive.”

“Bought for school project. Just right. All the pertinent facts that we needed without getting bogged down. Have gone on to purchase more in the series.”

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