The Vietnam War: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Read a concise history of the Vietnam War in just one hour.

‘War, what is it good for?’ THE VIETNAM WAR: HISTORY IN AN HOUR gives a gripping account of the most important Cold War-era conflict, fought between the United States and the Viet Cong, the Vietnam People’s Army and their Communist allies. It was one of the most traumatic military conflicts America has ever been involved in – and provoked a backlash of anti-war protests at home.

Here are the key events leading up to the Vietnam War, the deadly guerrilla warfare of the Viet Cong, the domestic anti-war movement and the fall of Saigon. THE VIETNAM WAR: HISTORY IN AN HOUR by Neil Smith is essential reading for anyone interested in post-war history.

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  • The first Indochina War and the end of French rule
  • Eisenhower and Vietnam: creating the quagmire
  • Building South Vietnam, 1954-63: sink or swim with Diem
  • JFK and US escalation: would he have withdrawn from Vietnam?
  • Lyndon Johnson: from assassination to Americanisation
  • The Tet Offensive
  • Nixon: peace with honour?
  • US military strategy
  • Domestic opposition to the war
  • North Vietnam and the VietCong

Readers’ reviews

“Another useful history in an hour guide that goes a long way to explaining a bit more. What is useful is the text about pre American history and the involvement of the French. A useful guide to the politics of the era and helps give a better understanding of why some actions were taken.”

Exactly as described. Concise, without feeling as though it skims over all the detail.”

Well thought out: Good book – well written – very lucid and clear, and most of all CONCISE! I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to know the background to the Vietnam war without wading through several history books….”

“A very good potted history of the war. Ideal starting ground for someone who may be interested in learning more in depth about the conflict”

“This book, as with all the History in One Hour series, is the strategic and broad brush which it sets out to be and is light on detail but provides a well rounded overview of a subject. At the end of the book is a brief biography of the main protagonists from all sides.”

“I knew next to nothing about this war and this little book put me right. I have know bought three more of these books, Egypt, Stalin and Cold War. I fully recommend these books.”

“A very good potted history of the war. Ideal starting ground for someone who may be interested in learning more in depth about the conflict”

“This provided exactly what I needed in terms of a brief, easy to read and helped me absorb a summary of the history of the Vietnam War.”

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