The Titanic: History in an Hour

History for busy people. Read a succinct account of the sinking of the Titanic in just one hour.

The sinking of the Titanic 101 years ago in 1912, and the subsequent deaths of over 1,500 passengers, sent shock waves around the world. Never before or since has a maritime disaster in a time of peace had such an impact.

TITANIC: HISTORY IN AN HOUR is an entertaining and well-researched account of the events leading up to the sinking of this ‘unsinkable’ ship, providing an fascinating commentary on the pressures of the White Star Line, the importance of class to Titanic’s unfortunate passengers and the legacy of the disaster in Britain and America. TITANIC: HISTORY IN AN HOUR by Sinead Fitzgibbon is a gripping and accessible account.

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  • Prologue
  • The Battle for the North Atlantic
  • The White Star Line makes a Comeback
  • The Building of a Leviathan
  • A Ship Unlike Any Other
  • In a Class of its Own
  • The Maiden Voyage
  • An Illustrious Gathering
  • Crew Changes
  • An Inauspicious Beginning?
  • Cherbourg and Queenstown
  • The Quest for Speed
  • Ice Warnings
  • A Change in Direction
  • A Dead Calm
  • A Catastrophic Error of Judgement
  • Iceberg, Dead Ahead!
  • Damage Reports
  • The Unsinkable Ship?
  • The Lifeboats
  • A Breakdown in Communication
  • The Class Divide
  • Save Our Souls!
  • A False Hope
  • The Last Waltz
  • The Ship Founders
  • Death by Drowning?
  • ‘We Shall Be Swamped!’
  • The Carpathia
  • Aftermath: Inquiries & Legacy
  • Titanic’s Achilles Heel
  • A Gruesome Task
  • Mirror Images

Reader reviews:

“I liked the idea of reading a brief version of the Titanic story, without all the myths which accompanied some of the other Titanic stories. I was not disappointed – the book held my interest throughout and it felt like a true version of events. There are many illustrations, and over all, a worth while read, and I shall be looking out for other books in this series of History in an Hour.”

Everything I needed: For 99p and a synopsis in an hour this book hits the mark! I would THOROUGHLY recommend this book!”

Loved it: Not being a lover of history until the last few years I feel I missed out on learning about so many wonderful(?) times in history by simply not paying attention in my younger years. I ‘thought’ I knew more than I did about the Titanic disaster, but I was definitely wrong! This little gem gave it all and I was caught up in the tragedy of errors that caused this devastating disaster. Still trying to develop my new found interest in history I was absolutely thrilled to be able to get so much from so little. I felt equipped to converse about this event after having read it and I can’t wait to recover lost years of neglect by reading other historical events from ‘History in an Hour’. I’m hooked!”

Fast-paced and entertaining: This little book is an exceptionally well written, fast-paced, yet comprehensive narrative of a well known subject. The surprising thing is the little known facts it reveals. The theme the author has succesfully pursued is the chain of trivial events which came together to create this tragedy. If you want to know about the background, and the aftermath, moreso than the sinking, then I could not recommend this book more highly.”

Enjoy – you will feel you have lived it: From the day the steel keel was laid, the author walks us through a series of errors which led to the disaster we all know. Within a short read the author makes us feel we were there witnessing each of the players as they contributed to this terrible event … I really enjoyed this book and liked the author’s style. I look forward to another.”

Things I didn’t know: I’ve have seen the movie many times but this superbly written tale really drives home just how improbable the sequence of events that led to the tragedy really were. Rather than focussing on the sinking itself, the author takes us on a different journey, highlighting how seemingly trivial events can have profound consequences. Timeless.”