Historical Writing

Are you a writer of history? Either fiction or non-fiction?

If so, we’d like to hear from you on how you researched your book, what draws you to your area of history, your historic influences, anything that contributes towards your historical writing. Contact us or email Rupert Colley.


Fiction author, Robert Wilton, describes the challenges in having to manoeuvre within the confines of the historical record.

Travel writer, Tim Hannigan, ‘On Raffles and the danger of traditional biographies‘.

Tim Hannigan again on writing Murder in the Hindu Kush about the adventures and murder of George Hayward, the maverick of the ‘Great Game’.

Author, Hilary Green, on the influences behind her Follies series.

Crime writer, D E Meredith, on the Dawn of Forensics.

Lynn Shepherd on Authenticity: the pleasures and perils of writing historical fiction.

Anne O’Brien describes the story of Alice Perrers, the 14th century inspirational for her novel, The King’s Concubine.

Author, Jenny Barden, on how Sir Francis Drake’s first great adventure inspired her first novel.

Author, Hilary Green, on writing about the women of Britain’s SOE during World War Two.

From Marie Antoinette to Jack the Ripper, Melanie Clegg on the influences behind her novels.

Author, Gillian Bagwell, on the escape of Charles II, the basis for her new novel, The King’s Mistress.

Author, Hilary Green, describes the brave women of the First World War that have influenced her writing.

Clare Mulley on her new biography, The Spy Who Loved, the secrets and lives of Christine Granville, Britain’s first special agent of WWII.

Sara Sheridan on researching her new novel, Brighton Belle.

Meet Me At Dawn, Unarmed – a memoir from World War One.

Kathryn Atwood on researching Women Heroes of World War Two.

Interview with Roger Moorhouse, author of Berlin At War.