The Medieval Anarchy: History In An Hour

With the death of King Henry I in 1135 came a succession crisis that resulted in England’s first civil war. Nicknamed ‘the Anarchy’ for its unprecedented levels of chaos and disorder, this nineteen-year conflict witnessed the usurpation of King Stephen and the on-going fight of Henry’s daughter, Matilda, to reclaim her royal inheritance. Though the civil war came to a peaceful end with the Treaty of Winchester in 1153, it was Matilda’s son, Henry, who succeeded to the throne of England after the death of King Stephen in 1154.

This, in an hour, is the story of the Anarchy, its personalities, context, events and the aftermath of England’s first, and often forgotten, civil war.

The Medieval Anarchy: History In An Hour by Kaye Jones is essential reading for all history lovers.

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  • The White Ship Disaster
  • Succession Crisis?
  • Death of Henry I
  • Stephen the Usurper
  • Battle of the Standard
  • Second Lateran Council
  • Civil War Begins
  • King Stephen Fights Back
  • Lady of the English
  • Rout of Winchester
  • Siege of Oxford
  • Battle of Wilton
  • Rise of King Stephen
  • The Next Generation
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • The Expedition of 1153: Malmesbury
  • The Treaty of Winchester
  • The Legacy of the Anarchy

Book reviews:

Medieval Anarchy extensive details of ‘The Anarchy’ and provides a complete history. Kaye Jones is a terrific writer and presents the information in a captivating manner. The history is flawless… Perfect for your daily commute or lunch break. I recommend you pick up your copy today and learn more about the treacherous period in England’s history dubbed ‘The Anarchy.’” Medieval Archives review

Reader reviews:

I really enjoyed this read. Very informative and enjoyable. I shall probably look for more books by this author. Very good and an excellent read.”

“Dives straight in without boring you to death or getting too hung up on dates. Provides a great springboard into more detailed reading with an excellent appendix.”

“Straight forward to the point. All the information you need without confusion. Will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to know about history.”

“I brought this book for a quick introduction to the subject of king Stephen and Empress Matilda and England’s forgotten civil war. A very readable and a good account. Recommended.”

“I brought this book for a quick introduction to the subject of king Stephen and empress Matilda and England’s forgotten civil war. Very readable and a good account – recommended.”

“Gives an overview and makes you want to go and pursue more detailed sources. Notes are well organised and interesting.”

“Love the history in an hour books, informative and quick to read. If you like to read history this is a simple and effective way to get started and highlights which parts interest you most.”

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