JFK: History In An Hour

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America’s youngest President. But, barely one thousand days into his Presidency, he was assassinated. JFK in an Hour provides a compelling and comprehensive overview of this man credited with introducing an aspirational new approach to American politics.

Learn about the Kennedy family, the cast that propelled JFK to success despite family tragedy. Discover Kennedy’s talented diplomatic skills when navigating the Space Race, the nuclear missile crisis and his sympathies with the fledging civil rights movement. Learn about the man himself, the charming son, brother and husband, who maintained a charismatic public image, despite suffering from chronic illness all his life. JFK in an Hour provides key insight into why Kennedy epitomised the hopes of a new decade, and remains such an influential figure to this day.

This, by Sinead Fitzgibbon, is JFK in an hour…

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  1. From the Old World to the New
  2. Early Life
  3. War Service
  4. Triumph to Tragedy
  5. Passing the Baton
  6. Political Beginnings
  7. Onwards and Upwards
  8. When Jack Met Jackie
  9. A Small Setback
  10. The Right Man For The Job?
  11. Presidential Campaign
  12. The Birth of Camelot
  13. The Bay of Pigs
  14. Space Wars
  15. The Cold War
  16. A Moral Crisis
  17. Vietnam
  18. Farewell to Camelot

Readers’ reviews:

Absolutely brilliant. It covered everything I had vaguely remembered and introduced several things I had not been aware of. How great it is to get so much info in such a sort a short reading time. Very well written and so easy to ‘connect the dots’! I really enjoy this author. I’ve read several other things by her and she keeps getting better and better!

“I found this guide to JFK to be an extraordinary introduction and brief overview of his life. This book is excellent for those, like me, who are interested in this particular topic but have never explicitly looked into it. The whole series of ‘History in a Hour’ is excellent and the concept is ingenious.”

“It does what it says on the tin. You get a potted history which I have found to be pretty good in all of the “History in a hour” books that I’ve read. I hope there’s more of these books in the pipeline. I really enjoy them.”