The Gunpowder Plot: History In An Hour

‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November’. The gunpowder plot is a famed tale of treachery that continues to fascinate and capture the imagination four hundred years on.

The Gunpowder Plot in an Hour reveals the elaborate background to the infamous plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and James I, the ultimate act of treason. This compelling and engaging account of one of the most famous historical events in English history follows the Catholic protagonists hatching their plan through to their inevitable, gruesome deaths.

Learn who the Catholic traitors were, what drove them to such desperate measures, and how the plot was discovered. The Gunpowder Plot in an Hour gives a concise overview of this enduring event and is a must for all history lovers.

This, by Sinead Fitzgibbon, is the Gunpowder Plot in an hour…

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  1. A Country Divided
  2. Henry VIII
  3. Edward VI and Mary I
  4. Elizabeth I
  5. James I
  6. The Conspirators
  7. The Hatching of a Plot
  8. The Discovery
  9. An Attempt to Escape
  10. Torture and Capture
  11. Trial and Execution
  12. Repercussions, Traditions and Legacy

Readers’ reviews:

“This is the second book I have read from the History in an hour series and both have equally impressed me. These books are a great introduction to the event in history and manage to be informative and interesting whilst at the same time short and to the point. I think these books are a great insight into history and are concise and well written. A great set of books!”

Fantastic: This ebook does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides you with a reasonably depth of knowledge on the subject area, without being boring or like a textbook. The narrative is accessible, and although it took me slightly over an hour, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. This book isn’t for those looking for great depth, but if you want an accessible overview without presumed knowledge then you are in for a treat. Will definitely be purchasing more from the series.”

“Most people living in Britain get a loud reminder of the Gunpowder Plot every 5th November but how many could describe what happened and the events which drove it. An hour spent reading this book takes you back to the root cause of the conspiracy with King Henry VIII creating the Church of England to the detriment of the established Catholic church. Through the religious turmoil of the following years, with Catholism back in and then rapidly out of favour again, there is one final throw of the dice in favour of Catholism by Robert Catesby. Who is Robert Catesby? Well that’s exactly why you need to read this book. He was the prime mover of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament when the King was addressing the assembled nobility in 1605. Guy (Guido) Fawkes was the explosives man caught red handed poised to complete the task. The book completes the story with what happened next as Guy Fawkes was tortured to reveal the conspiracy’s details and the remaining plotters were rounded up, tried and executed. The format is the same [as with the others in the series] with a main narrative containing pictures, brief biographies of the people involved and a timeline of events.”

“Nicely written, enjoyable to read.”

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