1914: History In An Hour

1914In 1914 the world changed. Europe’s great powers were dragged, one by one, into a war by Serbian conflict which affected very few of them directly. At least it would resemble the short sharp battles of the previous century, many thought – fought with military bands, horsemen, and swift victories. But 1914 proved to be different, a watershed, as old notions of war were trampled in the mud.

1914: History in an Hour by Rupert Colley is the indispensable overview of the year that marked the end of the Belle Époque and the shocking birth of modern mechanised warfare. It became a war of unimaginable horror, fought with terrifying new weapons that produced death on an industrial scale, a war that involved so many nations and reached into the fabric of their societies. 1914 shaped the First World War, and the years beyond.

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Turn of the Century: States of the Nations
Treaties and Alliances
Assassination of an Archduke
The Road to War
The Willy and Nicky Telegrams
The Schlieffen Plan
Battle Begins
The First Battle of Ypres
Eastern Front
War Crimes
The Wider War
The War at Sea and in the Air
The Christmas Truce