Mussolini: History in an Hour

Mussolini‘Il Duce’, Benito Mussolini, was one of the key figures in the creation of fascism. Famed for his dictatorial style, his political cunning and admired – initially – by Hitler, Mussolini led the National Fascist Party and ruled Italy as Prime Minister from 1922 until his ousting in 1943. In so doing, he paved the way towards Italy’s defeat in World War Two, and some of the 20th century’s most destructive ideologies and practices.

Following expulsion from Italian Socialist Party, Mussolini denounced all efforts of class conflict, and instead later commanded a Fascist March on Rome to become the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history. Thereafter he set about dismantling the apparatus of democracy and initiated what would become known as the one-party totalitarian state. With World War II came defeat, humiliation and his bloody deposing. Explaining his ideologies, policies, actions and flaws, ‘Mussolini: History in an Hour’ by History in an Hour’s founder, Rupert Colley, is the concise life of the man whose ideas helped create some of the worst horrors of the modern history.

This, in an hour, is Mussolini…

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Early Years
World War One
Mutilated Victory
March on Rome
The Matteotti Crisis
Mussolini and the Pope
The Duce’s Cult of Personality
Mussolini’s Women
Mussolini’s Foreign Adventures
Mussolini’s Wars
Austria, Czechoslovakia and Albania
Mussolini’s Downfall
The Rescue of Mussolini
The Italian Social Republic
Execution of a Dictator
The Italian Holocaust
Mussolini’s body


D-Day: History in an Hour

Untitled-1Midnight, Tuesday 6 June 1944: the beginning of D-Day, the operation to invade Nazi-occupied Western Europe and initiate the final phase of World War II. A vast undertaking, it involved 12,000 aircraft and an amphibious assault of almost 7,000 vessels. 160,000 troops would cross the English Channel during Operation Overlord, paving the way for more than three million allied troops to enter France by the end of August 1944.

Forces from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Free French and Poland all heavily participated, alongside contingents from Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, and Norway, They capitalised on the element of surprise achieved due to bad weather and the success of Operation Bodyguard – a feat of massive deception to convince Hitler that the landings would hit Pas-de-Calais. In just over a year, the war would be won. ‘D-Day: History in an Hour’ by History In An Hour’s founder, Rupert Colley, is the story of how the largest military operation in history had been planned, practised and executed.

This, in an hour, is D-Day…

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The Dieppe Raid
The Atlantic Wall
The Eve of Invasion
6 June: D-Day
Five Beaches
The Battle of Normandy
What might have been…

Winston Churchill: History In An Hour

Untitled-1Sir Winston Churchill was a soldier, journalist, writer, Nobel Prize winner and, above all, a leader. Conservative then Liberal then Conservative again, his political instincts won him a sustained career at the summit of British government, while his resolve and politics of personality made him broadly regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century.

With his early radicalism, bold decisions regarding the Gold Standard and Iron curtain analysis, Churchill was, for many, a highly controversial figure. For others, he was Britain’s finest Prime Minister. From his career as a young army officer – serving in British India, The Sudan, and the Second Boer War, in which he won fame as a war correspondent – to his later pursuits as a historian, a writer, and an artist, ‘Churchill: History in an Hour’ by Andrew Mulholland is the perfect guide to the colorful, long and varied life of a historic titan.

This, in an hour, is Winston Churchill.

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Youth: 1874-1895
The 4th Hussars: 1895-1899
Young Radical: Early Political Career, 1899-1914
The First World War: 1914-1918
Recrossing the floor: the journey back to the Conservatives, 1919-1924
High Office: 1924-1929
In the Wilderness: 1929-1938
Birth of a Legend: 1939-41
Striding the Global Stage: 1942-45
Declining Years: 1945-1965


Henry VIII: History in an Hour

HenryKing of England, claimant King of France, Lord – and later King – of Ireland, Supreme Head of the Church of England and, perhaps most famously, six times a husband, Henry VIII is England’s most notorious monarch.

Succeeding his father, Henry VII, he allied with the Holy Roman Emperor and began his many obsessive invasions of France. Meanwhile the handsome, worldly king embarked on his famous quests for a suitable wife and heir. With marriage to Anne Boleyn came the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, Reformation and the Dissolution of the Monasteries. From his childhood to his later years and famed appetites for food, sex and validation, ‘Henry VIII: History in an Hour’ by Simon Court describes the life of a man whose desires and determination changed England and the world.

This, in an hour, is Henry VIII.

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The ‘Virtuous Prince’
Jousting and the Heraldic Past
The King of England and of France
The Field of Cloth of Gold
The ‘King’s Great Matter’
The Break with Rome
‘The Goggle-eyed Whore’: Anne Boleyn
A King is Born
The Reformation and the Dissolution of the Monasteries
The ‘Fat Flanders Mare’: Anne of Cleves
The Gruesome End of Thomas Cromwell
The ‘Lewd and Naughty’: Catherine Howard
Death and Succession
Personality as Political Policy
Henry Tudor: Psychological Post-mortem

Abraham Lincoln: History In An Hour

LincolnAbraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, is an American icon. To many, he is a symbol of values, sacrifice and determination. Modern notions of nationalism, liberty, and constitution all owe their debt to Lincoln, as does the unity of the American states. And yet, in his own day, Lincoln was also reviled by many as a traitor, tarnished by his associations with the wrong kind of race and the wrong end of society.

Charting his ascent from humble origins to the leader of the United States during its hardest democratic and ethical conflict – the American Civil War – ‘Lincoln: History in an Hour’ is a succinct guide to the life of a great and controversial modernizer. Having educated himself and made good as a lawyer, he embarked on a journey that would see triumph in the abolition of slavery and then tragedy in the final drama of his own assassination. From his struggles as President to his family life and roles as husband, father and friend, this, by Kat Smutz, is the story of one of history’s greatest leaders.

This, in an hour, is Abraham Lincoln…

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The Roots of Leadership
The Railsplitter and Honest Abe
From Childhood to Manhood
A Politician is Born
Life, Love and Marriage
The Politics of Slavery
The Birth of a Political Party
Life in the White House
The Politics of War
A Presidential War
Re-election and Political Maneuvring
The War Is Won
A New Beginning and a Tragic End
Assassins and Conspiracies
The Failure of Reconstruction
The Lincoln Legacy


Stalin: History In An Hour

Arguably no person in history had such a direct and negative impact on the lives of so many as Joseph Stalin. Under the Red Tsar terror knew no limits, it did not discriminate; no one was safe, no institution, no single town or village was immune. Yet, following his death in 1953, Stalin was deeply mourned. He had ‘received the country with a wooden plough, and left it with a nuclear missile shield’. And no-one else, some claimed, could have led the Soviet Union to victory in the Second World War.

So who was Joseph Stalin, what was his role during the Russian Revolution; how did he come to power, what made him such a destructive tyrant, and how did he impose his will on the Soviet Union for so long?

This, by Rupert Colley, is Stalin in an hour…

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  1. The Young Stalin
  2. Stalin the revolutionary
  3. Revolutions and Civil War
  4. Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky
  5. Collectivization
  6. Five-Year Plans and the Congress of Victors
  7. Kirov and the Great Terror
  8. Stalin’s War
  9. The Last Years
  10. Stalin’s historiography
  11. Stalin the Man
  12. De-Stalinization

Readers’ reviews:

“Stalin is yet another fine condensed retelling of history by Rupert Colley.”

Arguably better for that than a standard, detailed book: I am impressed. Its brevity is a massive advantage. Despite its brevity, I did not feel that I was reading a dumbed down version – not at all. I am actually pleased that I bought this rather than a full-length book. I read this book over a weekend. It held my interest – I did not find it at all boring. On the contrary, I found it very interesting. I was impressed that, even when a chapter ended with Stalin’s death, I was only 60% of the way through the book. “What follows?” I wondered. The answer was three very interesting chapters (‘Stalin’s Historiography’, ‘Stalin the Man’ and ‘De-Stalinisation’) and two appendices – ‘Key Players’ and ‘Stalin Timeline’. Those chapters reinforced what I had already learned from the book and therefore aided my learning. The structure of the book, therefore, is in my opinion excellent.”

The Gunpowder Plot: History In An Hour

‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November’. The gunpowder plot is a famed tale of treachery that continues to fascinate and capture the imagination four hundred years on.

The Gunpowder Plot in an Hour reveals the elaborate background to the infamous plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament and James I, the ultimate act of treason. This compelling and engaging account of one of the most famous historical events in English history follows the Catholic protagonists hatching their plan through to their inevitable, gruesome deaths.

Learn who the Catholic traitors were, what drove them to such desperate measures, and how the plot was discovered. The Gunpowder Plot in an Hour gives a concise overview of this enduring event and is a must for all history lovers.

This, by Sinead Fitzgibbon, is the Gunpowder Plot in an hour…

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  1. A Country Divided
  2. Henry VIII
  3. Edward VI and Mary I
  4. Elizabeth I
  5. James I
  6. The Conspirators
  7. The Hatching of a Plot
  8. The Discovery
  9. An Attempt to Escape
  10. Torture and Capture
  11. Trial and Execution
  12. Repercussions, Traditions and Legacy

Readers’ reviews:

“This is the second book I have read from the History in an hour series and both have equally impressed me. These books are a great introduction to the event in history and manage to be informative and interesting whilst at the same time short and to the point. I think these books are a great insight into history and are concise and well written. A great set of books!”

Fantastic: This ebook does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides you with a reasonably depth of knowledge on the subject area, without being boring or like a textbook. The narrative is accessible, and although it took me slightly over an hour, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. This book isn’t for those looking for great depth, but if you want an accessible overview without presumed knowledge then you are in for a treat. Will definitely be purchasing more from the series.”

“Most people living in Britain get a loud reminder of the Gunpowder Plot every 5th November but how many could describe what happened and the events which drove it. An hour spent reading this book takes you back to the root cause of the conspiracy with King Henry VIII creating the Church of England to the detriment of the established Catholic church. Through the religious turmoil of the following years, with Catholism back in and then rapidly out of favour again, there is one final throw of the dice in favour of Catholism by Robert Catesby. Who is Robert Catesby? Well that’s exactly why you need to read this book. He was the prime mover of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament when the King was addressing the assembled nobility in 1605. Guy (Guido) Fawkes was the explosives man caught red handed poised to complete the task. The book completes the story with what happened next as Guy Fawkes was tortured to reveal the conspiracy’s details and the remaining plotters were rounded up, tried and executed. The format is the same [as with the others in the series] with a main narrative containing pictures, brief biographies of the people involved and a timeline of events.”

“Nicely written, enjoyable to read.”

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JFK: History In An Hour

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America’s youngest President. But, barely one thousand days into his Presidency, he was assassinated. JFK in an Hour provides a compelling and comprehensive overview of this man credited with introducing an aspirational new approach to American politics.

Learn about the Kennedy family, the cast that propelled JFK to success despite family tragedy. Discover Kennedy’s talented diplomatic skills when navigating the Space Race, the nuclear missile crisis and his sympathies with the fledging civil rights movement. Learn about the man himself, the charming son, brother and husband, who maintained a charismatic public image, despite suffering from chronic illness all his life. JFK in an Hour provides key insight into why Kennedy epitomised the hopes of a new decade, and remains such an influential figure to this day.

This, by Sinead Fitzgibbon, is JFK in an hour…

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  1. From the Old World to the New
  2. Early Life
  3. War Service
  4. Triumph to Tragedy
  5. Passing the Baton
  6. Political Beginnings
  7. Onwards and Upwards
  8. When Jack Met Jackie
  9. A Small Setback
  10. The Right Man For The Job?
  11. Presidential Campaign
  12. The Birth of Camelot
  13. The Bay of Pigs
  14. Space Wars
  15. The Cold War
  16. A Moral Crisis
  17. Vietnam
  18. Farewell to Camelot

Readers’ reviews:

Absolutely brilliant. It covered everything I had vaguely remembered and introduced several things I had not been aware of. How great it is to get so much info in such a sort a short reading time. Very well written and so easy to ‘connect the dots’! I really enjoy this author. I’ve read several other things by her and she keeps getting better and better!

“I found this guide to JFK to be an extraordinary introduction and brief overview of his life. This book is excellent for those, like me, who are interested in this particular topic but have never explicitly looked into it. The whole series of ‘History in a Hour’ is excellent and the concept is ingenious.”

“It does what it says on the tin. You get a potted history which I have found to be pretty good in all of the “History in a hour” books that I’ve read. I hope there’s more of these books in the pipeline. I really enjoy them.”


George Washington: History In An Hour

George Washington – a figure synonymous with American history. His image is known worldwide, marked on American currency, postage stamps – even a state is named after him. George Washington in an Hour explores the man beneath the symbol. This is the essential chronicle of Washington’s life – his rise from middle class Virginian upbringing to America’s first President, elected unanimously twice.

Explore Washington’s legacy – from securing Independence, to his instrumental role in writing and adopting the American constitution. George Washington in an Hour covers Washington’s redefinition of greatness, relinquishing power not once but twice – at the end of Revolution and his second term in Presidency. Learn why Washington is still considered one of the most influential people in history, and how his impact shaped the world in this engaging overview of his life.

This, by David B McCoy, is George Washington in an hour…

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  1. Early Years
  2. French and Indian Wars
  3. Marriage and Gentleman Farmer
  4. Impact of the French and Indian War and Growing Colonial Resentment
  5. Commander-in Chief
  6. The “Greatest Man In the World”
  7. Washington’s Short-lived Return to Mount Vernon and the Constitutional Convention
  8. Ratification and Election
  9. First Term
  10. Second Term
  11. A Farewell into Immortality

Readers reviews:

Excellent succinct introduction to the subject. Given me the incentive to read more of the period and read more of the series.”

“I’m glad I took the time to read this! … I really enjoyed reading this and I hope you will to. Highly recommended.”

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