Philosophy in an Hour

A brand new quick-read ebook series

Hot on the heels of the bestselling History in an Hour quick-read ebook series comes a brand new collection designed to tell you everything you need to know about the world’s greatest thinkers in only 60 minutes, and for only 99p / $1.99.

‘The practice of History is ever-evolving, and with History in an Hour, Rupert Colley brings it back up to date for the digital age.’ Historian, Andrew Roberts

Ever wondered what made Karl Marx’s philosophy so revolutionary? Or why Machiavelli’s ideas on politics were so influential? Or what Descartes actually meant when he declared ‘I think therefore I am’?

Philosophy in an Hour offers concise, expert accounts of the lives and philosophical ideas of the greatest thinkers in history – all entertainingly written and easy to understand.

This is thinking for busy people quality content, instantly available.

Paul Strathern, author of Philosophy in an Hour, has a Philosophy degree from Trinity College, Dublin and has lectured in philosophy and mathematics in Dublin and London. He is a Somerset Maugham Award winner and his journalism has appeared in The Observer and The Irish Times.

What can you discover in an hour?

Available as ebooks for only 99p / $1.99, or as downloadable audio.


Aristotle in an Hour
Descartes in an Hour
Machiavelli in an Hour
Marx in an Hour
Plato in an Hour
Wittgenstein in an Hour
Spinoza In An Hour
Locke in an Hour
Socrates in an Hour
Derrida in an Hour
Nietzsche in an Hour
Kant in an Hour
Rousseau in an Hour
Hegel in an Hour
Foucault in an Hour
JS Mill in an Hour
Aquinas in an Hour
Bertrand Russell in an Hour
Hume in an Hour
St Augustine in an Hour
Berkeley in an Hour
Confucius in an Hour
Kierkegaard in an Hour
Sartre in an Hour
Schopenhauer in an Hour
Leibniz in an Hour
Heidegger in an Hour
Dewey in an Hour

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“I have owned (and dipped into) many of Marx’s works, and other works derived from his researches. This little book (Marx In An Hourgets to the heart of Karl Marx the person and has a fair shot at summarizing his otherwise sometimes impenetrable thinking. I enjoyed the read too – it brought him to life as a person but was not attempting to de-mystify his ongoing thoughts and debates.”

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