History In An Hour (HIAH) is always happy to consider submissions from writers wanting to contribute articles to the blog or with proposals for a HIAH title.


We are open to any subject as long as it has a broad appeal and is not too niche or obscure, nor overly academic. Word count is also very broad – anything from 500 words and up. Please include subheadings.

HIAH reserves the right to edit submitted articles, to add images and link to other articles within HIAH or to other sites.

The copyright of all published articles remains with the writer.

We reserve the right to publish based on our timescale.

There is no payment but HIAH will link back to one link of your choice – your blog, Twitter account, etc. HIAH is an advert-free site so the author bio should be kept to a minimum and not read as an advertisement for the author and the company they represent.

Please submit your articles to


We are not currently accepting submissions at this time. But we do have lots of new titles coming out on 24 April, including Churchill, Mussolini, Henry VIII, Lincoln and D-Day.