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“If the past is a foreign country, History in an Hour is like a high-class tour operator, offering delightfully enjoyable short breaks in the rich and diverse continent of our shared past.” Dominic Sandbrook, Historian and BBC’s The 70s series.

“Very good website; congrats” Andrew Roberts, leading UK historian, author of ‘Storm Of War’.

“I think it’s an interesting concept you have here. I’d love to see more.” Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords

“Your website is terrific!” Bill Panagopulos, President, Alexander Autographs

“I checked out your website, and I must say, yours is probably one of the cleverest ideas I’ve ever seen – history in an hour.” Delin Colón, http://therealrasputin.wordpress.com

It’s a great idea and something that I had wished I had thought of first… If you are constantly struggling to find something interesting to do in your lunch break, then check them out. You won’t be disappointed” http://allinthepast.wordpress.com

“This is genius. I hope PBS packages their excellent shows for the iPad in the same way. This type of professional quality educational content would be a great balance to the game apps on the iPhone OS. I say bring it on and I hope the “in an hour” series grows even more and beyond just history.” MacWorld.com forum comment.

Nazi Germany In An Hour pretty much does what it says on the tin. This series is perfect for those of us that want to read up on our history but don’t have a lot of time to spare… And at just £1.79 each, it’s much cheaper than buying a load of cumbersome history books.” ‘App of the Day, http//:pocket-lint.com

“I have made a fantastic discovery, an e-book series called History in an Hour” My Books Are Your Books

Just thought I’d tell you that both my niece and nephew can’t live without your site.” Just Food Now

“I love the concept. When I was in Spain in the summer I wanted to find out more about the Spanish Civil War but knew I would never even make an attempt because I knew there would be a massive time commitment. Your site clearly addresses this barrier to learning.” Archaeology UK

Congratulations. Your idea has legs, I have no doubt.” London Historians

“Can I just say at this point that I think the idea of ebooks you can read in an hour is a fantastic one?” The Editor, History Times.

“Well written and concise history guides for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch” MacWorld UK

“I must congratulate you on a great idea.” The Army Children Archive.

“I am using this to suppliment (sic) my text book. It has been very helpful and the photos are wonderful. Seems to be complete overview and is nice to have when I am out and about!” Buyer review on the Apple App Store (US)

“By the time my train journey was over I genuinely felt more knowledgeable. Good stuff, I look to the other titles coming out.”  Buyer review on the Apple App Store (UK)

“This a fascinating application of tech enabled learning. Please check this out. I know I will!!” http://vlights.posterous.com

“I’ve just used a couple of your free to download resources and I was hugely impressed with them.” History teacher, Wales.

“Does what it says – provides a concise overview of the Cold War, that can be read in an hour.” Purchaser of Cold War In An Hour

“Genius idea.” http://simonwaldman.org/ (Simon is Group product director at LOVEFiLM)

“I read the Nazism In An Hour sample was was mesmerized by the quality of the information. I’m sure I will not regret buying the book.” Review of article about Hitler on EzineArticles.com

“I have recently discovered your website and found it a fascinating and diverse website. I think the idea of promoting History in easy to digest chunks for busy people is one of the best ideas I have heard in ages.” Email to HIAH

“I genuinely believe History in an Hour’s a fantastic idea and wish I’d had access to some of the titles when I was doing my GCSEs and A Levels! Now I enjoy reading the blogs/books purely for the intrigue and it’s very much re-sparked my interests in history and research – so thank you.” Email to HIAH

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“Highly recommend @historyinanhour for your kindle/ebooks-currently making productive use of my lunch hours! Accessible and well written.”

“Ooh, what a good idea. Thanks for highlighting this one. When reading historical fiction my interest is often piqued and I’d love to read more about the particular era but time is so limited – this sounds like a good solution for time-pressed folk!”

“Do yourself a favor: go to iTunes and search History in an Hour. Pick one. Listen. Or buy one of the books. Good stuff.”

“Two things every iPhone (or indeed any smartphone) user should have: Kindle app and a few @historyinanhour titles. Great to read on the go.”

“I love that there’s a website called History In An Hour – History for Busy People.”

“Breakfast at a diner and reading about the Battle of Stamford Bridge courtesy of @historyinanhour. Perfect morning!”

“I learn more from history in an hour than I ever did at school!”

“This History in an Hour thing is such a fabulous idea. I hope history teachers nationwide are directing their pupils to it!”

“Los artículos de historia de @historyinanhour son muy buenos. Muy recomendados”

“What an awesome concept. I will definitely look out for one of these the next time I find a new area I want to explore. The price is incredible value.”

“For anyone who teaches history or just would like a quick overview of a particular event, this is a Godsend.”

“I must also say that I’ve been looking for these short guides for a long time, I want to learn such a lot about the world. I just found your Philosophy in an Hour too.”

“This is a brilliant idea for ebooks!”

“These [books] look like very good reference materials for summarising the salient features of landmark moments in history, ideal for busy people to enjoy the story of our past which, of course, is the context which makes sense of the ‘here and now.'”

“I absolutely LOVE History In An Hour. Such a fantastic idea and the blog is brilliant.”

“If anyone’s doing history A2 and has an iPhone/iPod touch, download the app ‘the cold war in an hour‘ it’s pretty damn goooooood!”

“Thank you for being a wonderful source of history on twitter! Cheers!! :-)”

“What a fantastic site! Love the idea of bringing history to more people by making it more accessible.” 

“Really enjoy Rupert Colley’s very well written articles. I’m learning a lot, effortlessly :-)”

“Brilliant site, Rupert. A chance for all those who fear studying History to do so in an easy and fun way. Good Luck.”

“Really enjoy History In An Hour, interesting well written bite sized history”

“Sooo enjoying your blog. Love learning about history. Cheers!”

”Remarkable website! I have 2admit, I’m going 2look a little closer.”

“I have got to say – I love History in an hour – FANTASTIC”

“Neat resource for any historical research you need to do – History In An Hour site”

“What a great idea, definitely going to try one of your apps”

“Great website – very interesting”

“I absolutely did spend some time on your site! History is a big deal in our family!! Love the site!”

“I think your ‘history in an hour’ website/books are a fantastic idea. :)”

“Love your ‘historyinanhour’ concept.”

“Hi Rupert, the idea of creating short but exhaustive histories is brilliant!”

“I had a look, think it’s fab!”

“As a college lecturer anything that can potentially be uses as a classroom resource is perused with pleasure!”

“Wished I had a history teacher like you when I was at school. I might have passed!”

“I’m impressed. Will be back again.”

“Love the website”

“Love the History in an Hour concept.”

“Very cool concept!”

“Enjoying the website and concept – definitely perfect for busy but voracious info eaters.”

“What you provide is amazing – a quick guide to historical events. Great to dip into when on the go. Recommend +++”

“Wow Rupert, this is right up my alley! What a great site! Thanks for the link!”

“Your website and apps look fascinating!”

“Hello Rupert, just had a look at your website. Brilliant! Good to see somebody introducing history to a wider audience.”

“Enjoyed looking at your website – keep up the good work.”

“You’ve a really good website – enjoying your postings.”

“Got an hour to spare? That’s all you need to get your history fix.”

“What an interesting concept you have. I’ll definitely be trying out some of your historyinanhour products.”

“Just had a look and am blown away. I sense a new addiction….love it.”

“I love what Rupert Colley @historyinanhour is doing! Very smart indeed.”

“If you, like me, are interested in history I recommend following @historyinanhour

Such a cool way to convey history in a hurry!”

“If I had an iPhone or iPad I’d buy historyinanhour because that guy is the coolest and history is awesome.”

“Your ‘History In An Hour’ blog looks fascinating. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow evening!”

What a great idea for people who want a quick but meaty review of history! Very nice.”  

“I really like the history in an hour series. Feel like I’m reading a million pages a week now.” 

“I love this idea!”  

“Thanks for getting in touch. I’m about 20 minutes into your Cold War In An Hour ePub edition. So far so good :)” 

“I think this series looks awesome–providing content in a new way for a new generation. Well done!”  

“Dear Rupert, thanks for the link – I love the idea behind ‘History in an Hour’ – just perfect.”

“Really intrigued by your idea of history in an hour, will definitely check out your site!” 

“Thank you for that great website you suggested, I find it incredibly interesting. Very nicely done!”

“Really enjoying the site and tweets!”

“The joy of finding new friends on Twitter. I now know of the @historyinanhour series of books. It might be time to pull out the Kindle…”   

“I love your blog and will spend much more than one hour reading!”  

“The idea is great, I admit I’m so impressed as a historian.”

“I saw the site, and I think it is fantastic!”

“Wow! U have a fascinating biz ! I luv history. Will recommend 2 others & highlight on.”