The Sixth Man

What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done?
Would you ADMIT it if your life depended on it?

1943 Nazi-occupied France.

Six Frenchmen are in a Nazi prison: a doctor, a postman, a policeman, a soldier, a teacher and a priest.

After six months of prison, they are a desperate looking set of men. But, despite their circumstances, they are happy – for tonight is their last night of incarceration. Tomorrow, they will be free men.

But then – there’s a change of plan. The French resistance have blown up a German train. Five German soldiers lie dead.

Tomorrow, five of the six prisoners will be executed in reprisal. They have until dawn to decide which one of them should be allowed to live.

Six happy men are now six desperate frightened souls, victims of the Nazi’s arbitrary justice. The doctor, the postman, the policeman, the soldier, the teacher and the priest. Only one of them will live to see another day. Who will be The Sixth Man?

The Sixth Man is a novel about the difficult choices we have to make and living with the consequences.

Read an extract of The Sixth Man and here, a two-minute video of the author talking about the novel.